The transformer factory in the Netherlands is located in Schagen and is called Automatic Electric Europe (AEE). Founded in 1972, this company specialises in transformers and related equipment.

Transformatoren fabriek, producent van transformatoren 

International supply of transformers
The customer base of the AEE transformer factory in the Netherlands is not limited to addresses within the country. Many international customers have also found their way to AEE. By continuing to grow and not shunning innovation, we have become an important partner in the Netherlands and abroad. At AEE, quality and reliability are the most important driving factors. The transformers we produce comply with the relevant Dutch quality, safety, health and environmental guidelines. For example, our products comply with:


CE standards
The right properties to be Lloyd's certified

What can we do for you?

If you need transformers, you can contact our transformer factory in Schagen, the Netherlands. We have a wide range of products and are perfectly capable of delivering custom solutions. Do you have questions about the types of transformers we supply or their possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact our transformer factory. In the Netherlands, you can call: +31 224 29 60 77 or send an e-mail to: