If you are looking for a transformer supplier that can quickly supply you with the right transformers, Automatic Electric Europe (AEE) is the place to be. We have the right machines and skilled professionals to build your transformers as desired.

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About AEE - manufacturer and supplier of transformers

AEE was established in 1972 and has been a renowned supplier of transformers for years. We have an extensive customer base, with satisfied customers at home and abroad. We supply transformers suppliers to various companies within the aviation and shipping, telecommunications, security, and other sectors.

Quality and reliability are very important to us. Our transformers therefore meet the highest standards, such as those for CE marking, Lloyd's certification and the NEN-IEC61558 standard. Choosing AEE as a transformer supplier is choosing security.


You have the assurance that your transformers:

  • Are reliable
  • Will have a long life span
  • Are of high quality
  • Comply with the various guidelines

AEE is moreover a transformer supplier that can deliver quickly. We only work with professionals and work with modern machines.


More information about AEE?
For more information about AEE power transformers, you may at any time contact us. We can be reached via: +31 224 29 60 77 or via: info@ae-europe.nl. 


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