Manufacturer of transformers, choke coils and rectifiers


Automatic Electric Europe B.V. is the expert in the field of transformers for the electrical industry. AEE has been located in the 'De Witte Paal' industrial estate in Schagen since 1972, but its history dated back to 1936. The company has been owned by Wil Blaauw since 1989, and since a few years he has been running it together with his sons (Rob and Tom). AEE supplies transformers for many electrical engineering applications in various sectors, from single piece to large series. AEE supplies transformers of very high quality with short delivery times, with a focus on customer-focused service.


Delivery program

AEE develops and manufactures custom-made transformers entirely according to your specifications. We also supply a standardized proprietary brand of transformers, and for audio applications we even have complete sets consisting of a power transformer, output transformer and choke. The transformers we make can be supplied with an enclosure or may be directly mounted into a cabinet. In addition to transformers, we also produce choke coils and rectifiers. If you are not yet ready for a complete production, in small or large runs, we can also develop a prototype or zero series transformers.


Automatic Electric Europe B.V. is located in a completely new, modern building, where a team of specialized staff with the best equipment manufactures and tests the transformers.