Audio components

Transformers for audio components

AEE has been an expert in transformers for audio applications for many years. Audio transformers are manufactured by AEE to customer specification. In addition to the transformers, AEE also supplies standard sets, additional components and parts for high-end amplifiers and tube amplifiers. For example, we supply pipes, resistors, pot meters, enclosures and cabinets.

We know that the components must meet the highest standards in audio applications. All AEE transformers comply with the NEN- IEC61558 standard and are CE marked.

AEE audio transformers are available in various versions. Output transformers and choke coils are available in EI core / C core or Amorphous core.

Audio sets; power supply/output transformer and choke coil

In addition to audio transformers, we also manufacture standard sets. Such a set consists of a power supply transformer, output transformer and choke coil. More information about these audio transformers, power supplies and sets can be found under products, high quality audio transformers.



  • Betrouwbare audio transformatoren en sets
  • Short delivery times and delivery according to schedule
  • Competitively priced


Request a quotation for an audio transformer. If desired, upload an electrical diagram or the specifications of audio installation.