Transformers and converters for medical applications

Transformers for medical devices

AEE develops and manufactures transformers, converters and power supplies for medical equipment, instruments, networks and medical areas. We know that the components must meet the highest standards in these applications. For example, it is possible to equip transformers with insulation monitoring and alarms. Of course all transformers comply with the NEN- IEC61558 standard and are CE marked.

We produce single and three-phase transformers and power supplies in single pieces, small runs but also larger runs completely according to your specifications. We can also make prototypes and zero series transformers.

In addition to transformers, we can also make choke coils and rectifiers, and transformers can be fitted with an enclosure or cabinet if desired.

Medische transformator


  • Reliable medical transformers
  • Short delivery times and delivery on schedule
  • Competitively priced

Quotation for a custom transformer?

Request a quotation for a medical transformer tailored to your application and upload an electrical diagram or specifications where possible.