Transformers for railways

At AEE, we develop and produce custom-made transformers and power supplies for railway applications such as transformers for points, signals and railway crossings. We also make station transformers, transformers for points heating and depot power supplies.

Production of depot power supply

Due to the increasingly strict environmental requirements, the diesel engine of a train is no longer allowed to run on many shunting yards. In order to still supply trains with power in such a situation, a depot power supply can be used. AEE produces depot power supplies entirely according to your specifications. Here you will find more information about power supplies and three-phase transformers.

In addition to transformers, AEE also supplies custom-made choke coils and rectifiers to the railways.

Eco transformator


  • Reliable railway transformers
  • Short delivery times and delivery on schedule
  • Competitively priced

Quotation for a custom transformer

Request a quotation for a railway transformer tailored to your application. Upload an electrical diagram or electrical specifications where possible.