High quality audio transformers

AEE has been developing audio transformers for many years and this area no longer holds any secrets for us. Our Audio transformers are manufactured to customer specification. If you are looking for good audio transformers, you will find them at Automatic Electric Europe.

In addition to individual Audio transformers AEE also supplies sets, additional components and parts for example for high-end amplifiers and tube amplifiers. For example, we supply pipes, resistors, pot meters, enclosures and cabinets. Ask about the possibilities.



Top quality audio transformers
The AEE audio transformers are of top quality and available in various versions. Output transformers and choke coils are available in EI core / C core or Amorphous core. However, the power supply is only available in EI core and C core material. You can choose between a transformer in an enclosure or an open version.

In addition to custom audio transformers, we also manufacture a number of standard sets. Such a set consists of a power supply transformer, output transformer and choke coil. More information about these sets can be found in the Audio sets tab.

For more information about price, dimensions or other details, please request a quotation.