Single-phase transformers

AEE manufactures fully custom-made, but also standardized single-phase transformers. This can be done in single pieces, small runs or larger runs, entirely according to your specifications. Finishing in a housing is also possible. We pay a lot of attention to the safety, service life and reliability of the single-phase transformers.


The important property of a single-phase transformer is that it has separate windings and one galvanic coupling between the primary and secondary side. This guarantees a high level of safety. These transformers, also called isolation transformers, can be used for various applications. The application also largely determines the standard that a transformer must meet.



AEE single-phase transformers have a standard frequency of 50/60 Hz and belong to insulation class E and protection class IP00. The single-phase transformer is available in various versions and can be extended with additional options.


Characteristics of the single-phase transformer:

  • Single-phase transformers with separate windings
  • Standard frequency 50/60Hz
  • Air cooled
  • Insulation class E
  • Protection class IP00
  • Type of version, from EI60 to EI240 long side.
  • Single-phase transformers are also available in 2 legs, upright from UI60 to UI240
    (see Dimensions tab for more information)
  • Designed with touch-safe terminals
  • Reliable and long service life

Transformers can easily be overloaded briefly with 10-15%.